Will the Blackhawks regret calling out Chara?

Will the Blackhawks regret calling out Chara?
June 21, 2013, 8:30 pm
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It may have taken four games, but the Blackhawks may have already made the biggest mistake of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Multiple players on the Blackhawks told reporters that they're not afraid of the Bruins' 6-foot-9 captain, Zdeno Chara, even going as far to say that he doesn't like to get hit.

Kevin Paul Dupont doesn't think that was smart.

Dupont discussed the comments made by the Blackhawks on UNO Sports Tonight, and he wouldn't be surprised to see an extra-motivated Chara take the ice in Saturday's Game 5 in Chicago.

"The way I read those comments and listened to those comments I thought it was Chicago saying 'Let's not be afraid of this guy and let's just go at it,'" Dupont said. "But they were more specific about it. I was very surprised by it. You're so accustomed to teams lapsing into cliches you've heard it a million times and here they were saying 'We're not afraid of this guy, we'll go around him, we'll go through him.'

"You know, not a smart thing to do. This is a very proud guy. I'm sure he's aware of these comments and you know what, not the guy to have pushing back is a 6-foot-9 angry Chara."

Did the Blackhawks just give the Bruins an added bump for the pivotal Game 5? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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