Where does B's comeback rank in Boston sports history?

Where does B's comeback rank in Boston sports history?
May 14, 2013, 1:30 am
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The Bruins did what many thought was impossible midway through the third period on Monday night.

Down 4-1 in the third, they scored the game's final four goals and beat the Leafs in OT, becoming the first team to do that in NHL history.

That makes us wonder where this game ranks all-time in Boston sports history? Gary Tanguay and Steve Buckley from the Boston Herald discuss.

"I can't list it because - and we are a list-crazy culture in sports and we all like to have Top 10 lists thank you David Letterman - but it's got to be in the Top 5," Buckley said.

"I think Dave Roberts' steal, Game 4 2004 ALCS is probably No. 1 just because it changed history, a century's worth of losing and chokes, the Yankees and all that, so that's a big cultural things."

Buckley also lists Harvard-Yale in 1968 and  Game 5 of the 1986 ALCS.

Tanguay agrees that it's a Top 5 game.

"I would say it's Top 5 too because of this: It was truly a comeback. It wasn't in a championship, it wasn't in a conference final, and I know it was in the opening round. But all of us thought it was over," Tanguay said.

"Lucic said it best in the locker room. He said, 'We knew that if we didn't win this game, some guys weren't going to be back.' People were going to be calling for the coach's head. This was truly coming back, rising from the ashes, and winning an impossible game."

What do you think? Where does this game rank?