What to do with Hamilton

What to do with Hamilton
May 25, 2013, 1:30 am
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Nobody doubts Doug Hamilton’s upside and potential when it comes to being a future star for the Bruins.  But the 19-year old defenseman has struggled in the postseason, and has been on the ice for five of the last seven New York Rangers goals. 

As a result, Hamilton’s struggles on the back line begs the question – is it time to pull the plug on the 9th overall pick of the 2011 draft?  At least for the 2013 season?

“The Bruins are banking on him to be a big part of that team for a long, long time,” Bruins radio voice Dave Goucher told Glen Ordway and Ron Borges on UNO Sports Tonight.  “He didn’t play some of the earlier playoff games, and if doesn’t play the ones moving forward, that’s okay, he’s still only 19 years old.”

To listen to more of the conversation between Goucher, Ordway, and Borges, click the video above.