Weise: Habs want chance to 'knock off' B's from streak

Weise: Habs want chance to 'knock off' B's from streak
March 24, 2014, 7:00 pm
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BOSTON – Bruins fans will remember Dale Weise as the Vancouver Canucks “tough guy” that wasn’t willing to drop the gloves with Shawn Thornton during the chaotic revenge game in Boston back in January, 2012.

Weise pulled the ultimate rat move feigning as if he was going to drop the gloves with Adam McQuaid, and then the 6-foot-2, 210-pound energy guy pulled back at the last minute when the Bruins enforcer stepped in more than willing to dance. After the incident Weise said he wanted to fight McQuaid, didn’t want to fight the type of player like Thornton or was too tired to drop the gloves with No. 22.

In other words, the excuses were flowing.  

It should be no surprise to learn that Weise was willing to get a little bombastic with the Bruins winning streak now that he’s a member of the hated Montreal Canadiens.  

While most players were happy to talk about the importance of late-season points no matter team they’re playing and Claude Julien went so far as to basically the Habs were just another NHL sweater, Weise said he was happy to see Boston’s12-game winning streak still intact headed into Monday night’s game.

Because Weise said he hopes to ruin things for a Bruins team that he clearly doesn’t have positive feelings about.

"We were checking the score the other night [Saturday] against Phoenix,” said Weise. “Phoenix was up going into the third period and we were kind of hoping Boston would come back and win so we would get the chance to knock them off.”

Weise and the Canadiens are clearly looking forward to knocking off the Bruins at the top of their game, and might just do it given that they’ve been sitting in Boston waiting for the Bruins since Saturday night. Just don’t expect Weise to actually man up and answer the bell with Thornton if the actions dictate it on Monday night.