Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors
March 1, 2013, 6:30 pm
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The weekend is upon us my friends, and with it comes the freedom to let your freak flag fly and soak in the joy of 40-degree temperatures and a likelihood of rain.

The fun starts tonight at the Garden, where the Celtics will host the hottest (and I don’t mean “most attractive”; that title retired with Sam Cassell) basketball player on the planet: Mr. Steph Curry.

The Warriors come in having lost two straight and seven of their last 11 games, but they’re still a very worthy foe. Along Curry, Klay Thompson is easily one of the best young shooting guards in the game. David Lee is back from suspension and will give Boston hell on the boards. Golden State also really needs a win, so you know they’ll come out swinging — and after what happened on Tuesday,  it’s your choice whether to take that literally.

After Friday night, the Celtics disappear. They don’t play again until Tuesday in Philly and won’t return to the Garden until next Friday against the Hawks. But that’s where the Bruins come in.

On Saturday at 1, the B’s host the Tampa Bay Lightning and will look to win their sixth consecutive game. Then on Sunday, everything is thrown on the back burner as the Bruins square off with the Canadiens — who will come in with the most points in the Eastern Conference, and looking to avenge last month’s loss to the black and gold.

You might not hear much from the Pats this weekend, but they’ll be busy behind the scenes — Monday is the franchise tag deadline.

Will the Pats use it? I don’t know. I hope they slap it on Aqib Talib and sure up the secondary for one more year, but whether they do remains to be seen.

One thing I’m fairly certain of is that the franchise tag will NOT be placed on Tom Brady. Didn’t he restructure his contract or something this week? Thought I’d heard something about that.

And finally, the Sox will continue to ease back into the swing of things down in Fort Myers. Crazy how uneventful it’s been down there, but I guess after everything that’s happened these last two years, uneventful is fine; no news is good news. I’m just ready to fast forward to April 1 and see what this team is made of.

April Fools! I don’t want to fast forward. I actually like March. I love the madness. And this weekend, we’ll take one giant step towards getting there.