Thornton suspension has negative impact on NHL?

Thornton suspension has negative impact on NHL?
January 10, 2014, 12:15 am
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While the Bruins are out on their west coast trip, you still won’t see Shawn Thornton on the ice.

Thornton is still serving his 15-game suspension for what he did to Brooks Orpik.

Mike Felger, Mike Milbury and Joe Haggerty debated whether Thornton’s suspension will have a negative impact on the NHL.

“I think that it sends a message to the rest of the enforcers out there that if you go after the guys that pick their spots and go after skilled players and take runs at them and try to intimidate them, try to throw a little fear into them, if anything goes wrong we are absolutely going to hammer you,” Haggerty said. “I love fighting, I like enforcers. I think this sends a message to all those enforcers that they need to toe a much straighter line than they have in the past. And I think it changes the game a little bit.”

For Milbury, giving this long of a suspension to Thornton presents a new problem for the NHL.

“I’ll tell you what, it does have an impact on the game,” Milbury said. “Because somebody like Orpik who can hit on the edge with an intent to hurt, and then doesn’t need to drop the gloves. That’s the problem.”