Thornton: Preferred I fought Scott

Thornton: Preferred I fought Scott
February 8, 2013, 4:38 pm
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Shawn Thornton hasn't played in a game for the Bruins since he was knocked out by Sabres goon John Scott, but he joined Mike Milbury and Mike Felger on CSNNE's Cross Check on Thursday, and it was clear the bright lights aren't hurting his eyes anymore.

Thornton is cleared for contact now, and should be ready to go for the B's at any time.

But does he regret fighting Scott? No chance. Obviously the results weren't what he wanted, but that's how it goes sometimes.

"I prefer myself trying to take care of that as opposed to waiting for something to happen and somebody else having to take care of it. It's my primary job," he said.


Milbury, though, says that Thornton and the B's would be smarter to not fight Scott and instead let his uselessness help the B's.

"If I were coaching, I would have said to you, 'Let this guy go.' I don't think he's a very good hockey player," Milbury said. "In fact, I think he's terrible. I don't think he can pass, I don't think he can skate, I don't think he can shoot. And I think he's an asset to your team to keep him on the ice. And I would say to you, who has nothing to prove after a couple years, that you should just stay away from him."

But Milbury's begging and pleading to leave Scott alone then, now, and forever may fall on deaf ears. Thornton wanted the fight to just happen and go away, but obviously that wasn't the case.

He had previewed some fights of Scott's online before the game something he never does and wasn't sure he could handle him. He was right.

If Milbury had his way, Thornton wouldn't waste his time with a guy like Scott, but we'll see how it plays out plenty more this season.