Thornton gives fighting pointers to Iginla

Thornton gives fighting pointers to Iginla
January 24, 2014, 12:15 am
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Shawn Thornton was seen at the Bruins practice facility grappling with Jarome Iginla, giving him pointers on where to grab an opponent during a fight.

"He has to do it every once in a while and he was curious," Thornton said on Cross Check. "No one's really shown him anything. He just does it out of passion and out of pure heat of the moment, so I kind of tried to help him out in case he has to do it again."

Sharing tricks of the trade is common among teammates, and an enforcer like Thornton has specific skills he can pass along.

"Jordy Caron was doing it for a little bit. I'll take him aside and show him a couple things," Thornton said. "Kevan Miller, when they called him up in San Jose, I showed him a few things. He just happened to fight that night, but it wasn't anything that we did the day before."

Thornton compared it to him asking Jarome Iginla what's going through his head when he enters the offensive zone.