Thornton: First responders 'pretty remarkable'

Thornton: First responders 'pretty remarkable'
April 21, 2013, 11:30 pm
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Shawn Thornton joined CSNNE's Cross Check after Sunday's win over the Panthers, but most of the talk was focused on the last week's events regarding the Boston Marathon attacks.

The Bruins remembered and honored those involved in numerous ways, including their first game played on Wednesday, when fans joined Rene Rancourt in singing the National Anthem.

"I thought it was amazing," Thornton said. "I thought it was a great job by everybody that was involved to try and let that happen. The fans were amazing. I'm hoping it's a tradition that carries on here. I wouldn't be afraid of everyone in the building singing it every night."

On Sunday, the B's gave the jerseys off backs to first responders from the attacks and also spent some time with them after the game socializing.

"I think in general those people they do the toughest job in the world and they're not recognized as much as they should be," Thornton said. "So any chance we can give back to them. I know all the guys donated their tickets on Wednesday, and a lot of guys bought tickets again today for the first responders.

"And we're going to go have a pint with them after this and talk about things and thank them for the job that they've done. The old fight or flight. They ran right back into the mix. We had friends that were doing tourniquets after just finishing the Marathon a few minutes earlier. It's pretty remarkable the strength of some of the human beings that were there."

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