T-shirt company pulls 'Chicago Stronger' shirt

T-shirt company pulls 'Chicago Stronger' shirt
June 14, 2013, 4:30 pm
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It turns out, some T-Shirts are made with 60-percent cotton, and 100-percent stupidity.

Cubby Tees, a Chicago-based T-shirt company, announced that it has decided to pull its controversial "Chicago Stronger" T-shirts after much backlash, complaints, and threats via social media and emails.

The shirt, which is a play off the "Boston Strong" motto born after the Boston Marathon bombings, was seen as being tasteless by many, but not the company.

Despite pulling the shirt, the company believes they weren't in the wrong by using the design, pointing to the fact that it was to mock fans and their teams who took the tragedy and turned it into a rallying cry. They also wish Bostonians were more open to their "freedom of expression". They pulled the shirt "in the interest of harmony between two great cities".

From their very long apology response, headlined "Chicago and Boston - Stronger Together":

Had our initial message pierced the knee-jerk reaction and gotten through to more online folk, they might have recognized the design's satirical nature that targeted the tasteless exploiters in Boston's midst rather than any innocent victims. Though we: (a) are loathe to take any action that appears to bow to bullying, and; (b) had hoped that residents of the “Cradle Of Liberty” held a greater appreciation for the freedom of expression (we support you venting your opinions, not so much your threats and insistence on censorship)…we’ve nevertheless pulled the shirt in the interest of harmony between two great cities.


Anyone who believes that the shirt mocked those injured in the horrible events of Patriots’ Day regrettably missed our point and did not read/process our accompanying commentary; nowhere on the shirt’s face (or within its subtext or motivation) did we take aim at the victims or make light of the incident -- nor would we ever. The design poked fun at the embarrassing self-congratulatory branding of the tragedy, and its inappropriate adoption by SOME BOSTON FANS AS A MINIMIZING SPORTS ANTHEM, not the sad reality of that day’s mayhem.

It took Cubby Tees 1300 words in all to explain on their site the shirt, the reason for it, and the reason they took it down. No wonder the two words "Chicago Stronger" got lost in translation.

Nonetheless, the shirt is no longer for sale. We can't wait to see what unique shirts they come up with next.