'Sometimes the worst' comes from passion for hockey

'Sometimes the worst' comes from passion for hockey
May 7, 2013, 4:30 pm
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TORONTO -– An unidentified Maple Leafs fan holding a “Toronto Stronger” sign in the crowd at the Air Canada Centre -- clearly making light of the “Boston Strong” motto that emerged from the horrid Marathon Monday bombing last month -- has enraged people within the city of Boston.

The sign, being held by a man wearing sunglasses while in attendance at the 5-2 Game 3 loss for the Leafs on Monday night, was briefly shown on the ACC jumbotron before the Leafs game operations staff quickly cut away to other shots in the crowd.

But the damage was done when pictures of the insensitive, inappropriate signage circulated around Twitter and social media circles. The fan has yet to be identified, but the dunderheaded sign made enough of an impression that Bruins coach Claude Julien touched on it during Tuesday’s off-day press briefing.

“The playoffs brings a lot of passion to the fans, and rightfully so. But sometimes there are unfortunate incidents," Julien said. "There was an incident in Boston that unfortunately happened to a Leafs fan, and last night’s [Toronto Stronger] sign had nothing to do with hockey. Boston Strong is something that struck our city, and not our team. Maybe it’s a little sensitive for Boston people, but those are the things that happen in the playoffs unfortunately. The best, and sometimes the worst, comes out of the passion in our game.

“That’s all I really want to say. It’s something that’s maybe a little sensitive to the people in the city of Boston than it is for our hockey club.”

It seems that the sign-holder is being universally denounced in Toronto. 

One thing this all proved: Some fans don't have a clue as to where the line is between "acceptable" and "in poor taste."