Smith gets kick out of Marchand act on tripping call

Smith gets kick out of Marchand act on tripping call
April 23, 2014, 2:15 pm
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DETROIT – Brendan Smith said he doesn’t know Brad Marchand enough to not like him, but he also hopes that the referees are paying close attention to the Bruins agitator in their playoff series. The Red Wings defenseman was whistled for a tripping call on Marchand after a leg-on-leg hit in the second period of Boston’s Game 3 win, and the B’s winger stayed down on the ice for some time after drawing the penalty call. Photos and video showed that Smith made contact with his left leg, but was favoring his right leg as he gingerly skated off the ice after the hit.

Marchand said he twisted his right leg while landing after the hit, and blasted his Twitter critics that thought he was embellishing the contact. Smith said he got a good laugh out of the photos passed around online, but understood that it’s an example of Marchand doing his unique job on the ice.

“I actually saw a picture where he went down – he’s very slippery so you’ve got to make sure you get all body, and he slipped out of my check, which was a good play by him – but it was funny where he was putting all of his weight on the leg that got hit,” said Smith. “It’s interesting when I saw that picture. But that’s Marchand. He’s going to try to create stuff, and that’s the kind of player he is.

“That’s how he’s lived [in the NHL] for a long time, and that’s why he’s great. That’s something he’s going to do. But it’s kind of funny when you get caught on your left leg, and then you’ve got your right leg. But that’s who he is, and that’s how he plays. But it’s worked for him. Think about last year’s playoffs where he baited [Matt] Cooke into maybe fighting, and then he wheeled it up the ice and put it top shelf. That’s something he does. He’s an antagonizer, and he’s kind of a pest kind of guy. It’s good that the refs can understand that, and we’ll go from there.”

Smith got a good chuckle out of the pictures and Marchand’s perceived antics whether or not he actually tweaked his right leg spinning off the leg hit. But the Detroit defenseman knows it won’t be a laughing matter if one of those penalties Marchand draws leads to a pivotal goal for the Bruins in this first round series.