Smith enjoyed seeing his family on HBO's 24/7

Smith enjoyed seeing his family on HBO's 24/7
December 30, 2013, 6:30 pm
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WILMINGTON – Reilly Smith sent out a single tweet from his account to let everybody know that he’d watched the most recent episode of HBO’s 24/7: “I'm glad 24/7 showed I was the fattest baby of all time.”

The 22-year-old clearly had a smile on his face as he sent out the tweet after watching the HBO cameras focus on his older brother, Red Wings defenseman Brendan Smith, this week while paying a visit to the Smith family home in Mimico, Ontario. Baby pictures of Brendan and Reilly as well as third brother Rory Smith were provided for the HBO cameras, and the parents talked about having a pair of NHL player sons as well as a third son that’s an accomplished lacrosse player.

“You could take it as being a little embarrassing maybe, but it’s whatever . . . I’ll take it however it is,” said Smith, who mentioned that Torey Krug and Matt Fraser have already joked with him about it.

The older Smith brother appeared to really enjoy the HBO cameras focusing on him around the holiday season, but Boston’s standout winger doesn’t think he’d feel the same way.

“I saw that last night. It was pretty funny watching my family on there. It was good,” said Smith following Monday’s practice. “He probably likes the spotlight on the show, which is a shocker. I’ve really liked the show when I’ve watched it the last couple of years. It’s cool when you can see into the lives of people.

“My brother hasn’t said too much to me about it. He’s big on the spotlight. He loves it, so I don’t think it cramps his style too much. I’d hate it. I’d lose my mind. I’d tell them to get out there, and just beat it.”

In that case the younger Smith brother sounds a lot more like Red Wings coach Mike Babcock when he chased the HBO cameras out of his dressing room between periods a couple of weeks ago.