Seguin quits Twitter for playoffs to focus

Seguin quits Twitter for playoffs to focus
May 6, 2013, 1:15 am
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It hasn’t been easy for the 21-year-old Tyler Seguin, but the budding Bruins superstar has quit Twitter “cold turkey” during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Seguin sent out a tweet on April 29 that said: “Another season in the books. See ya later twitter. #stanleycupplayoffs.” He then explained the thinking behind the move after Bruins practice on Sunday, and said it’s about placing all of his focus on the task at hand with his hockey club in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

It also helped his decision-making process that the Bruins were opening up against his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs in the playoffs, and Seguin correctly assumed that it could become a distraction if he let his focus veer away from the hockey being played on the ice.

“It’s not that I really care what people think, but I really just wanted to put all of my focus toward playing Toronto. I know how much media attention comes with a hockey place like that, and no matter whether it’s a good game or a bad game you want to keep an even keel to things after games.

“I just needed to focus on my thinking, and what I need to do to prepare for a game.”

Seguin went so far as to delete the Twitter app from his cell phone, and said that it’s been a challenge to avoid the social media as it was almost a reflex to check his Twitter account during down time throughout the day.

“I just deleted the app on my phone. I am really tempted . . . after practice or a game, or when you wake up in the morning because you want to check something,” said Seguin. “It’s been weird [without twitter], but it’s been nice.”

While it might be disappointing for his over 250,000 followers, it also appears to be working for Seguin after two solid playoff efforts against the Maple Leafs in the current series. The Bruins forward didn’t register a goal or an assist against the Leafs in Boston’s Game 2 loss, but he was a beast nonetheless in Saturday night’s game.

Seguin finished with a team-high eight shots, led the Bruins with four registered hits and paid the price battling with Tyler Bozak in front of the Toronto net to set up Johnny Boychuk’s goal-scoring blast from the point.

He also finished with zero postgame tweets, but that’s perfectly okay for Seguin for the next few months of the Stanley Cup playoffs.