Rask and Bergeron worth the long-term investment?

Rask and Bergeron worth the long-term investment?
July 14, 2013, 10:15 pm
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The Boston Bruins recently signed both Tuukka Rask and Patrice Bergeron to eight-year contract extensions that will make each of them among the highest paid players at their respective positions.

On Sports Sunday, Michael Felger and Kevin Paul Dupont discussed the pros and cons of the contracts. While Felger and Dupont both agreed that the cap hits won't doom the Bruins, Felger was worried about the length of the contracts that will keep Rask and Bergeron in Boston into their mid-30's. Dupont thinks that they are two of the Bruins most deserving of the lengthy deals.

"I always refer to the spine of the team being Rask, Chara, Bergeron," Dupont said. " So if you're going to invest that money, and I agree it's a whole lot of money, give it to the guys who are the character guys."

Will Bergeron play out his entire contract? Can Rask stay at the top of his game for the next eight seasons? Only time will tell, but the Bruins certainly think so.