Player: Bettman 'misrepresenting' NHLPA movements

Player: Bettman 'misrepresenting' NHLPA movements
October 19, 2012, 12:15 am
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After all of that 50-50 talk, there's no deal.
By now, you've heard from NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. You've heard from NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr.
But as for the 18 players who were inside the negotiation room in Toronto, they don't believe the owners are even considering -- right now, at least -- any of the three proposals that the NHLPA made on Thursday.
"They're just trying to squeeze us as much as they can," said one NHL player who was inside the negotiation room in Toronto. "I honestly don't think they would even talk about anything we offer. They're just sweating us. We saw the same tactics with the NBA and NFL."
Gary Bettman described the NHLPA's counter-proposals as a step backwards. But the players don't see it that way.
"We gave them three different ways to get to 50 percent," said the NHL player who was involved in the negotiations on Thursday. "We again moved towards them in every one."
As usual, the biggest issue is money.
"The owners want more of ours," said the player. "We would like to be paid -- at least most of -- what they have agreed to pay us."
After seeing Bettman's reaction to Thursday's hour-long meeting -- that none of the NHLPA's three proposals came close to 50-50 -- an NHL player involved in Thursday's negotiations in Toronto seemed rattled.
"His ability to lie to the camera blows me away," said the player. "He is definitely misrepresenting how much we moved. We get to 50 percent in each proposal."
The same player "guessed" that there will be some sort of communication between the NHLPA and Bettman next week.
"We have to continue to work with them," he said. "And if they want to play so badly, they can repeal the lockout."