One wild weekend


One wild weekend

Well, that was an exhausting weekend. Although, with the Sox already getting ready to take the field and Kenyan Appreciation Day already taking over the city, I suppose that the weekend isn't even officially over. But still WOW.

In a way, I guess we could have packed a little more action into the last three days. You know, maybe it could have all happened on the same weekend as the NFL Draft. Maybe the Celtics could have been in the playoffs, as opposed to on their impromptu tour of the NBDL. Maybe the Bruins could have been scheduled for Friday and Sunday as opposed to Thursday and Saturday. Maybe, just for fun, the Sox could have squeezed in a double header.

But even if there was a little more room, I'm not sure we could have handled it. Then again, we should probably get used to this kind of weekend chaos.

There was a time about five years ago, and the two decades before when spring in Boston meant only one thing: The Sox. Back then, the Bruins and Celtics were generally fading by the time April rolled around. And even if they looked all right, we knew that would change once the regular season turned to post. Meanwhile, the Pats were already the Pats, but the NFL offseason the NFL in general wasn't the beast that it is today.

These days, that's not the case. The NFL gets about two weeks to a month (if even that) out of the spotlight. The Bruins and Celtics are consistently in the championship conversation. The Sox are still the Sox, and considering last year's collapse and this year's manager, they're more "the Sox" than ever, but they have to share the headlines. And for the rest of the spring, they will. For the next month or so, we'll be living this past weekend on a loop, and believe it or not, it will get worse (and by worse I mean better).

For instance, take two weeks from now. The weekend of April 28. How do you feel about the start of the NBA playoffs, the NFL Draft, (Tim Thomas-willing) the start of the NFL Conference semis AND a three-game series with the White Sox? Not bad right?

No, it's very good. It's just spring time in Boston.

Buckle up.

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