Nothing 'secondary' about B's third line now

Nothing 'secondary' about B's third line now
June 18, 2013, 12:45 am
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BOSTON -- When the line of Chris Kelly, Daniel Paille, and Tyler Seguin scored the Bruins' only two goals in their Game 2 Stanley Cup Finals win, it was considered "secondary" scoring from those outside the room.

With another goal Monday night in a 2-0 win in Game 3, Boston's third line is doing everything it can to eliminate the term "secondary" when describing their names on the scoresheet.

Because together, Kelly, Paille, and Seguin aren't playing like three of the team's bottom-six forwards. Game 3 proved that.

Paille put the Bruins up 1-0 just 2:13 into the second period. It was a goal that took a workman-like effort from all three.

"You're forechecking," said Kelly after the victory. "Their D skates well, so you try to get on them. And [Paille] just made a great read and picked up the puck and came around."

Kelly started that forechecking by finishing a big check on Michal Rozsival behind Chicago's net after Seguin put the puck in deep down the right boards. Rozsival's attempted swing up the boards was kept in by Paille, who sent a pass out to Seguin from the half-wall.

Seguin's high shot was stopped by Corey Crawford's glove, but he couldn't hold onto it, and the puck went into the corner. That's where Kelly won a hard-fought battle with Nick Leddy to knock the puck loose, where Paille swooped in from behind the net, picked it up, spun around, and quickly fired it top-right for the 1-0 lead.

"It was a great shot," said Kelly." He beat him short side on the glove. It was just him reading the play and coming around and letting it go quick."

It wasn't "just" Paille. It was the entire line. A line that was put together by Claude Julien after an awful first period of Game 2.

Since then, the trio combined for three of Boston's next four goals, helping the Bruins take a 2-1 series lead over the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals.

"I think there's a spark of confidence between us three," said Seguin after the Game 3 win. "I thought we were moving our feet very well again, and I think that's when we're creating chances, when we're hard on our forecheck and using our wheels."

Speed is the first thing that sticks out about this line. All three have it. After that, the hard work is present in all three areas of the ice. And don't sleep on their skill, because clearly they have that as well.

"[Paille and Seguin] skate extremely well, it creates a lot of chances," Kelly said. "They both shoot the puck well. They play all three zones. It makes my job as a centerman, especially in the D-zone, that much easier when you have two responsible wingers. I think the goal tonight that [Paille] scored was created by three guys going out there and working."

Work. But there's also plenty of chemistry.

"We're having fun," added Kelly. "The three of us are working hard and having fun, which is nice. Some days it's not always fun. We put a smile on, but some days . . . sorry, it's always fun, but some days are more fun than others."

Right now, the Bruins are having fun winning. They're only two wins away from a Stanley Cup. And it's mainly because of what Kelly, Paille, and Seguin have provided in Games 2 and 3.

That's more than secondary scoring.