Neely: No Bruins layoffs planned as lockout hits


Neely: No Bruins layoffs planned as lockout hits

With NHL teams like the Ottawa Senators already making plans for substantial work reductionslayoffs with a lengthy lockout on the menu, the Boston Bruins arent making such plans at the moment.

Bruins President Cam Neely told in an email that the Black and Gold have no current plans to execute layoffs for any full-time or part-time employees currently earning wages from the hockey club.

As it stands for now we will keep the status the same for our employeesstaff, Neely said.

The lockout is officially two days old after the former CBA expired on Sept. 15, and most of the players and agents arent expecting the NHL to start playing games until the middle of December at the earliest.

The Senators are preparing for the lockout by laying off more than 10 of their 170 full-time employees said president Cyril Leeder.

"Every full-time, every part-time employee is affected by a work stoppage," said Leeder said. "On the full-time employees they've either been laid off temporarily or gone to a four-day work week.

"This really is the area that I worry about the most. It's not good for anybody when we have a work stoppage and the people most affected are our staff here."

Theres no telling how much money the Bruins stand to lose once preseason and regular season games start getting cancelled, but the Bs were clearly one of the better prepared teams riding a wave of success and a sellout streak over the last few seasons.

Things may change if the work stoppage becomes a cancelled season sometime in January or if unforeseen circumstances hit but credit the Bruins for insulating their employees against the nuclear winter that might be coming for the NHL. Many NHL teams could also implement an unpaid vacation or furlough system within their full-time employee ranks to save jobs during a prolonged lockout, but that doesnt appear to be the case on Causeway Street under Neelys watch.

Thursday, Jan. 19: Torts doesn't think LeBron could play hockey

Thursday, Jan. 19: Torts doesn't think LeBron could play hockey

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while wondering if the Bruins are ever going to poop, or get off the pot.
*John Tortorella wants everybody to know that he thinks there isn’t a chance that Lebron James could play hockey.
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*How did Shane Doan arrive at an unhappy place with the Arizona Coyotes where he now is open to moving elsewhere ahead of the trade deadline?
*Henrik Lundqvist’s season is entering a crisis level based on what he’s done, and the diminished performance level he’s showing as a more mature goaltender.
*A nice piece with a Canadian hockey hero, Hayley Wickenheiser, who recounts some of the legendary moments of her career through a series of pictures.
*I totally respect the work that Travis Yost does, but stating the Bruins should stick with Claude Julien because their shooting percentage is bound to turn around isn’t good enough grounds to keep a floundering situation intact, in my opinion. You need to check where the shots are coming from and how many of those shot attempts are completely missing the net to get a better grasp on some of the reasons behind Boston’s dreadful 10-year low shooting percentage. That would also explain some of the reason why Julien needs to be replaced coaching a team that’s largely content on perimeter shots to do it for them while also only sporadically showing the effort required from a middle class talent type of team.

*The Lightning are struggling at Joe Namath levels right now without Steve Stamkos in their lineup, and they need that to change.
*For something completely different: congrats to the Boston boys in New Edition for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.