Neely: Don't like shootout deciding a team sport

Neely: Don't like shootout deciding a team sport
November 14, 2013, 6:45 pm
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Some changes could come to the National Hockey League soon.

The NHL is reviewing proposed rule changes that could tweak overtime and the shootout.

Cam Neely, president of the Boston Bruins, joined Felger and Mazz to discuss his stance on these proposed rule changes.

“I have never really liked the shootout,” Neely said. “I don’t like how that’s how you decide a team sport.”

One recommendation on the table is to change overtime from four-on-four to a three-on-three format, which Neely seems to favor.

“I think there would be plenty of scoring opportunities three-on-three,” Neely said. “And it would still feel like somewhat of a team contribution as suppose to an individual skill contest.”