Morning Skate: Wednesday, Sept. 19


Morning Skate: Wednesday, Sept. 19

Per FOH (Friend of Haggs) Greg Wyshynski, a Maple Leafs song that is the feel bad song of the year up in Toronto while the NHL lockout rolls on.

A nice piece by James Mirtle looking at how the lockout will be taking a large bite out of some players' careers, and ending them in some instances.

The OHL is creating regulations to crack down on the amount of fighting taking place in the league. So what is going to happen if fighting is ultimately abolished, and then these players are dropped into the NHL with little to no experience in the sweet science? Doesnt sound like a good recipe to me.

NHL staffers are told that a 20 percent pay cut and four-day work weeks are coming with a long lockout anticipated.

Jonathan Toews is keeping his European options open with the lockout gaining steam while both sides refrain from talking to each other.

Justin Faulk and Jeff Skinner both weigh on heading down to the AHL while the lockout rolls on, and potentially dominating what should be a strong league this season.

Some thoughts about the IIHF transfer cards needed for NHL players to work in Europe, and the absolute backup thats going on these days with so many players leaving North American hockey behind.

For something completely different: a good look by the New York Times at Neil Young when many media outlets dont ever get the chance to see behind the curtain.