Morning Skate: Tuesday, Sept. 25

Morning Skate: Tuesday, Sept. 25
September 25, 2012, 2:12 pm
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Thank goodness we have Ken Campbell from the Hockey News to stick up to all the people being very mean to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. He's Bettman's knight in shining armor.

Mike Zeisberger has details of the informal discussion between the NHL and NHLPA to tie up the loose ends from last season. Perhaps its a small first step toward the two sides speaking again, or perhaps its really nothing at all.

David Clarkson is beginning to consider Europe as a possible alternative along with many of his NHL brethren.

The Schenn Brothers Act is currently on hold for Philadelphia while the NHL handles this whole lockout thing.

Boston College and Minnesota top the preseason college hockey poll as hockey lovers and the NBC Sports Network turn their lonely eyes toward the NCAA.

Jesse Spector wonders if advertising on uniforms could play a small part in hockey returning to the NHL. Some ads might be fun, but lets not turn the uniforms into the complete mess of logos that players are wearing in Switzerland.

Jim Slater is paying for his condo in Winnipeg, so he said what the heck and might as well live in the Peg for a little while.

For something completely different: Charlie Pierce wondered if Sunday nights Patriots game would be the breaking point for the replacement refs in the NFL. Oh, Charlie if you could only have foreseen the next 24 hours.