Morning Skate: Tuesday, July 31

Morning Skate: Tuesday, July 31
July 31, 2012, 4:08 pm
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Dan Rosen goes over the potential landing spots for Shane Doan, and they dont include the Boston Bruins as we first reported to you a month ago at I still think Doan is using teams like the Rangers and Canadiens to drive up his price with no intentions of actually signing there, but well have to see.

San Jose Sharks defenseman Douglas Murray with the pull of the summer after he lands Tiger Woods ex-wife as his new girlfriend. Cha-ching.

Harvard alum Craig Adams has been highly involved with the CBA talks between the NHLPA and the NHL, and is still hopeful despite the admission that the league wants the players to make huge concessions.

Daniel Alfredsson announces that hell be returning to the Ottawa Senators for at least one more year. That makes the Senators another formidable team for the Bruins in the Northeast Division.

The injury bug hammered the Edmonton Oilers defense corps last season, but they also need a transfusion of talent. Perhaps that is in the form of Justin Schwartz, but well have to see.

A hockey lovers guide to the Summer Olympics from your favorite hockeyhumor blogger and mine, Down Goes Brown.

For something different: An interview between the Denver Post and the mother of Aurora shooting victim Jessica Redfield, Sandy Phillips.