Morning Skate: Sunday, Nov. 3

Morning Skate: Sunday, Nov. 3
November 3, 2013, 12:30 pm
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* Many, many little things going wrong in Edmonton with the Oilers right now as they continue to free-fall out of the starting gate.
* Bucky Gleason says that axing Patrick Kaleta is a case of the Buffalo Sabres organization sending the wrong message. I might agree on some of his points, but waiving a dirty player like Kaleta never sends the wrong message.
* A guest column on Yahoo! Sports’ Puck Daddy blog that stands up for fighting from a fan’s perspective. I think the majority of fans really feel this way, but maybe it’s just me being a troglodyte.

* The Tampa Bay Lightning win again, and stay atop the Atlantic Division heap in first place.
* Andrew Ference and the Oilers took their lumps during the game, and the Edmonton captain answered all the questions after the game for Hockey Night in Canada “After Hours.”

* No hearing scheduled for Ray Emery with the NHL after his beat down of Braden Holtby, to which I say, good. Clearly referee Francois St. Laurent was in the wrong for letting the situation spiral that far out of control, and things like that can happen on the ice if a player isn’t willing to stand up for himself as a beating is coming his way. It’s a Spartan attitude, to be sure, but that’s the way things have always been in hockey.
*For something completely different: Mike Napoli blazed a drunken, shirtless trail through Boston on Saturday that Brad Marchand would have been proud of.