Morning Skate: Monday, Oct. 15

Morning Skate: Monday, Oct. 15
October 15, 2012, 3:31 pm
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Los Angeles Kings scouts Ace Bailey and Mark Bavis were posthumously honored with a day with the Stanley Cup after both hockey men were tragically and unforgettably struck down during the 911 tragedy.

Adrian Dater is sad these days, and its not difficult to see why with mommy (NHL) and daddy (NHLPA) fighting. The kids are always the biggest losers in that situation.

Rob Rossi says that the lockout officially starts with the NHL players missing out on their first paycheck, but thats only partially true as the players will get an escrow check that should keep them afloat through the first two pay periods.

Great column from TSN Insider Bob McKenzie about the lockout, and what must happen for the two sides to come to some kind of accord.

A tale of cattle, a Sutter brother and what life is really like in the KHL from Calgary Sun columnist Eric Francis.

Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons wonders if Gary Bettman gave Brian Burke a heads up about which way the NHL CBA negotiations were likely to go, and thats the reason for the quiet summer from the Maple Leafs. Those are the kind of things that make you Hmmmm!

A good piece from Richie Murray about a UMass hockey underdog thats attempting to continue his Rudy story with a professional career.

FOH (Friend of Haggs) Joe Yerdon details a WCHA ref shutting down an airport by tossing out a bomb joke over at NBC Pro Hockey Talk. Didnt he ever see Meet the Parents?

For something completely different: a very even-handed, honest and unmerciful story on the two sides of Junior Seau and what many close to him saw before the former Patriots linebacker committed suicide.