Morning Skate: Friday, September 21

Morning Skate: Friday, September 21
September 21, 2012, 4:22 pm
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According to the Pro Hockey Talk boys, the NHL could expand to Seattle in three years according to one of the investors interested in getting a piece of the action. So the NHL is in dire financial straights, but already broaching the subject of expansion with other US markets? Things that make you go Hmmm.

An excellent "jersey fouls" from Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy that includes a special Brad Marchand jersey for the discerning Bruins fan.

The Dallas Stars ownership and management is still determined to build their infrastructure whether the NHL starts on time, or is interrupted by the lockout.

The NHL is losing the social media war during the lockout, and Bruce Dowbiggin from the Globe and Mail has the details.

Jarome Iginla speaks out about the lockout and says the players cant trust the owners.

For a bright spot among the typical lockout fare: the USA Today lists off the top 10 American draft prospects who actually will be playing hockey this fall and winter no matter whats going on with the NHL.

For something completely different: Grantland takes a look at the ways Hard Knocks and similar TV coverage has to chance the traditional locker room code of silence".