Morning Skate 526: Return of the Dominator?


Morning Skate 526: Return of the Dominator?

Dustin Penner talks about his sense of humor and where it came from. Hes going to be able to showcase himself pretty nicely during the Stanley Cup Finals with free agency pending.

Dominik Hasek is eyeing an NHL comeback at 47 years old according to several Czech publications.

Nick Cotsonika has Martin Brodeur turning in a classic performance while eliminating the Rangers and getting back to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The New York Rangers say it wasnt fatigue that ultimately undid them in the Eastern Conference Finals, but that certainly looked like a sluggish team in the first period.

The Toronto Star brings everybody back to reality while talking about the samurai showdown that awaits the NHL once the Stanley Cup Finals have ended.

Ilya Kovalchuk proved his worth during the Eastern Conference Finals, according to Newsday, and is the kind of example that flies in the face of Russian hockey player stereotypes.

The sixth-seeded Devils and eighth-seeded Kings represent the worst Stanley Cup Finals match-up since the Penguins and North Stars tangled in 1991.

For something completely different: Kirk Minihane nails Curt Schilling to the wall for his misdeeds with 38 Studios and the state of Rhode Island.