Marchand: 'We have to worry about next year'

Marchand: 'We have to worry about next year'
July 9, 2013, 7:30 pm
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Brad Marchand didn't just lose a teammate when Tyler Seguin was traded to the Stars last week, he lost a good friend as well.

Marchand reacted to the deal Monday and expressed his disappointment at losing a guy like Seguin, but was also understanding of the business side of the NHL.

"We were very close and became good friends and I think with our team, we were a family," Marchand said. "We never like to see guys leave, but we realize it's a business and those things happen and we have to worry about next year and just focus on trying to win the Cup."

Hear the entire report on Seguin, and the reaction from Marchand in the video above.