Marchand not a fan of 'Marchmont'


Marchand not a fan of 'Marchmont'

BOSTON -- Brad Marchand has insisted several times over the last two years that he doesnt enjoy the Marshmont nickname coined by the Felger and Mazz Show on 98.5 the Sports Hub last season.

The Bs second-year forward reinforced the distaste for his nickname again after Tuesdays win over the New Jersey Devils, and the wish that it would just go away.

A dippy phone caller to the Felger and Mazz Show last season went into a tirade ripping the Bruins pest after taking Mike Felgers lead when Marchand was still trying to prove himself as a rookie catalyst.

The butchered Marshmont sound clip with the caller ignorantly saying I dont like Marshmont became a sound byte that the sports radio show played over and over again when the winger came up in conversation, and the pesky winger doesnt seem to dig the liberties taken with his last name.

A recent New England Hockey Journal story revealed that Marchand preferred the Nose Face Killah nickname coined by Barstool Sports over the Felger and Mazz-concocted moniker, and Marchand reinforced his distaste for the Marshmont name following Bostons sixth win in a row Tuesday night.

Whatever makes them feel cool about themselves, I guess. I think it could be seen asdisrespectful. They know I don't like it and they calling me that. I'm not disrespecting their name or anything, said Marchand without a hint of a smile or the slightest whiff of amusement. They can call me whatever they want, but I won't be talking to themFelger and Mazz ifthey keep calling me that. I'm not fond of the name."

Marchands teammates endearingly call him Squirrel or Nose Face Killah along with the Andrew Ference-inspired Honey Badger, but it seems nobody aside from the top-rated afternoon radio hosts call him Marshmont around the hockey club. Hed like them to stop, but its doubtful his dislike for the nickname is going to encourage anybody to store it away for good.

Saturday, Dec. 10: Vegas,scoring on NHL governors' minds

Saturday, Dec. 10: Vegas,scoring on NHL governors' minds

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while doing some early Christmas shopping ahead of the late rush. 

*Mike Zeisberger sits down with a quartet of NHL governors and discusses a number of hot topics including the Vegas franchise and scoring around the league. 

*Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos has been removed from the NHL Board of Governor’s Executive Committee amid rumors that the Canes might be a prime candidate for relocation. 

*Pierre McGuire weighs in on Connor McDavid’s war of words on the ice and Carey Price losing his mind in the crease against the New Jersey Devils. To that end, Wayne Gretzky liked seeing McDavid get a little combative at such a young age. 

*The New York Islanders signed Cal Clutterbuck to a five year contract extension, and some are skeptical it will turn out well for the Isles.

*David Pastrnak is a premier scoring threat in the league, and Scott Cullen has some details behind that. I will say this: his stock falling in the draft had less to do with his size or heaviness, and more to do with him being concussed for a long stretch of time during the year leading up to the draft. 

*The Florida Panthers are really struggling to stay positive with a 1-5-0 record since the ownership group and management decided to fire Gerard Gallant. 

*For something completely different: Baywatch stars then and now. 



Curran: To gauge Patriots' plans for Jimmy G, look to Brissett

Curran: To gauge Patriots' plans for Jimmy G, look to Brissett

When trying to figure out what the Patriots will ultimately do with Jimmy Garoppolo, forget about the speculation and instead focus on the little things the team does. 

Like how they are tending to Jacoby Brissett. 

After having thumb surgery on Oct. 7, Brissett was put on IR. But the team used its one "Get off of IR free card" on Brissett and he's been practicing with the team for the past couple of weeks while not taking up a roster spot. 

That alone isn't compelling evidence that he's the backup-in-waiting and Garoppolo's about to be packed up and shipped out, argued my compadre, Senator Phil Perry. The team had no other players on IR that they could use the designation on at the time. Why not use it on Brissett?

Prior to that, though, we've seen Brissett accompanying the team to away games including the cross-country junket to San Francisco. A reason? Since the Patriots played three straight at Gillette at the start of the season when Brissett was the direct backup to Garoppolo, he didn't get a good look at the road operation and the tempo of being the visiting team. How things work on flights, in meetings, at opposing stadiums and on the sidelines is worth getting a promising young players' eyes on. Also, getting his offensive teammates used to having him around is probably an even bigger benefit. It's not unprecedented to have IR players travel but its not conventional practice either. 

With so many quarterback-needy teams around the league, Garoppolo is perhaps the most attractive option out there. By the end of this year, he will have apprenticed three seasons behind the best quarterback of all-time in a sophisticated offense for a program that's as demanding as any in the league. In the 10 quarters he was able to play as a starter in place of Tom Brady, he was sensational.

He got hurt and that's not great. But any team making a deal for him that has concerns about his durability can take him for a spin for one season. Garoppolo is on the books for $825K in 2017 and then his contract is up. The team that dealt for him can franchise him if they need another season to think on it. 

I don't think the Patriots are itching to move Garoppolo. They know they are sitting comfortably with a stack of the most valuable commodity in the sport -- good quarterbacks (or at least one great one and two promising ones) - piled in front of them. They can let the game come to them. 

If it does, as former Patriots executive and Bill Belichick consigliere Mike Lombardi thinks it will, the Patriots can rest easy dealing Garoppolo knowing that they already did advance work getting Brissett up to speed.