Marchand accuses Shaw of 'eye gouge' in Game 3

Marchand accuses Shaw of 'eye gouge' in Game 3
June 18, 2013, 3:00 pm
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BOSTON – The end of Game 3 featured a Boston Bruins team celebrating a solid night’s work at the defensive end of the ice, but it also included some fireworks when tempers flared on both sides.

It started with Zdeno Chara and Bryan Bickell engaging in some heavy hand-to-hand combat in front of the net. Bickell might have been venting some frustration after an invisible performance in the first three games of this series followed by hitting the post in the final minute, and Chara responded by dropping the Blackhawks power forward with one swing of his mighty elbow.

Bickell dropped to the ice, got back up and then Chara essentially tackled him in front of the net and sat on top of him in the same show of dominance that the B’s captain’s team had displayed on the ice. In essence, the biggest, strongest player on the Bruins rag-dolled the biggest, strongest player on the Blackhawks, and it wasn’t even close to an even match.

Meanwhile in the corner away from the two heavyweight combatants, Andrew Shaw and Brad Marchand engaged in a battle of the rats that ended with Marchand down on his back and Shaw coming down on his face with overhand right-handed punches. Marchand said that Shaw went for the Rowdy Roddy Piper eye gouge move as well when the Bruins agitator was down on the ice, and Marchand had the scratches on his forehead to prove it.

“It was a bit of a scrum there in front, and stuff happens in hockey . . . especially in the playoffs with tempers running high,” said Marchand. “When [Chara] is battling with their guy, everybody is going to come in, and things just happen.

“Stuff happens. I’ve done that [punched a guy on the ice] before. The eye gouge is what I didn’t particularly like, but it’s part of the game. I’ve got a nice little scratch mark on my forehead from the claw marks from the . . . you know . . . kitty cat.”

Claude Julien chalked all of the shenanigans up to heated emotions during the playoffs when both sides are so close to their season-long goal, and will do just about anything to get those final four wins.

“I think emotions are part of the Stanley Cup Final. I think when you're at this stage, there are a lot of emotions. If anything the emotions have been checked pretty good so far in this series,” said Claude Julien. “We took a penalty, first penalty of the game, [Kaspars] Daugavins, an elbowing penalty. When you look at those things, you got to be disciplined, and you got to be careful that you don't let the emotions get the better of you.

“There are times in the game when those kinds of things happen. You saw it in the scrum. You saw it at different times. You have to try to keep your team in check as best you can. As far as I'm concerned, that's what I'm trying to do with my team.”

While it appeared that both teams were on their best behavior for the first couple of games in the series after not seeing each other in the 48-game shortened season, things are starting to heat up with players talking about scratches and eye gouges at the bottom of a hockey scrum.