Lucic decries vandals' expletives on side of hometown church


Lucic decries vandals' expletives on side of hometown church

WINNIPEG Milan Lucic finds himself defending his home city of Vancouver more than hed like, and he was forced into defense mode again on Friday morning after Bruins morning skate at the MTS Centre.

Lucic learned a couple of days ago that some moronic, downright evil Canucks fans vandalized the St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church in Burnaby, British Columbia the site where he brought the Stanley Cup this summer to celebrate with the members of his Serbian community.

The small-minded vandals spray-painted Expletive Lucic on the side of the church next to a picture of Milan Lucic along with Go Canuks (sic) Go! Lucic learned of the vandalism just a couple of days ago, and understandably said that he was once again disappointed with the over-the-line behavior shown by Vancouver hockey fans.

Obviously it was some punk kids or something. Its unfortunate that something like that would happen. It reflects badly on the people of Vancouver, who Ive defended especially after what happened in the Finals last year. Its unnecessary and its unfortunate, but karma will work itself out, said Lucic. The whole community isnt happy with something like that happening. Theyre proud that a Serbian boy is out fulfilling his dreams and doing well at the highest level in the NHL.

For us as people we have a lot of pride in cheering and having a lot of support for our type of people.

Lucics girlfriend, Britt Carnegie, tweeted a picture yesterday of the vandalism on the side of the church along with the tweet: This is DISGUSTING ! Punks did this to Milan beloved church! So disgusted.

The sexually explicit picture can also be seen on the Vancouver Sun's website.

The Bs power forward was asked if he saw it as a hate crime of sorts given that the vandalism defiled an ethnic church just miles from his East Vancouver family home, but Lucic said he viewed it more as a personal attack from deranged, obsessed hockey fans that once again dont know where to draw the line.

I dont view it as an attack on the community as much as I view it as an attack on me. Obviously some people are still bitter about the loss, said Lucic. You never like to see your name F-Lucic anywhere never mind the cultural center and the church. I feel the same as anyone else would feel.

Its unfortunate that something like this has to come out again. But I know deep down that a lot of people feel pretty badly about this.

Once again the city of Vancouver and more specifically their imbalanced fans with a penchant for criminal mischief has some explaining to do while harassing one of their favorite native hockey sons.