Lucic caught spearing DeKeyser between legs

Lucic caught spearing DeKeyser between legs
April 19, 2014, 1:15 am
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BOSTON - Milan, Milan, Milan . . .

Tisk, tisk.

We saw it. Everybody else saw it. There's no really denying this one.

Lucic was caught spearing Red Wings defenseman Danny DeKeyser between the legs in the second period of the Bruins-Wings.

Yes, between the legs . . . in the you-know-where. Hey, we're all for physicality, but there's just certain spots on the body you steer clear from. Guy code, Looch. Come on! 

It looks like Lucic really committed to this one, too. He put a lot into it. Calculated attack. 

It's not the first time Lucic has been caught in the act. In fact, a lesser version of the crime happened just a few weeks ago against Canadiens defensemen Alexei Emelin after Lucic took exception to the hip check Emelin gave him.

It remains to be seen how the Red Wings will react to this after seeing the tape, but you can bet that they aren't too thrilled with Lucic's actions. DeKeyser may actually need some ice.

There's also a chance the NHL gets involved, with Lucic possibly earning himself a fine by Stephane Quintal and the Department of Player Safety.

Stay tuned - this series is just getting started and bound to get better.