Is a Krejci trade still possible?

Is a Krejci trade still possible?
November 8, 2011, 2:28 pm
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Now that the Bruins have broken their slump and are hitting on all cylinders, the whispers of a potential David Krejci trade have died down.

For now.

"No. All things being equal, no, I don't," Michael Felger said Monday on 'Sports Tonight' when asked by co-host Gary Tanguay if the Bruins should trade the veteran center.

But with Tyler Seguin emerging as the B's best offensive player and Patrice Bergeron in place as a solid second center, "for now" becomes a key phrase.

"It's something they have to look at," admitted Felger. "Krejci hasn't gotten that contract extension, and you have to wonder if they're looking down the road and saying, 'We're not going to pay a No. 1 center to be our No. 3 center' when Seguin really comes of age, right? . . .

"If Nathan Horton is not putting the puck in the net, if he still feels the effects of those concussions, then they will need a winger. And so a potential Krejci trade for a high-scoring forward is on the table.

"I would keep Krejci, but you can sort of see the tea leaves there."