Krejci fine; no hearing scheduled for Subban


Krejci fine; no hearing scheduled for Subban

WILMINGTON, MA When theres no injury, and even the victim of a questionable hit has no problem with it, thats a recipe for no supplemental discipline in the NHL.

P.K. Subban was whistled off for elbowing after a hit on David Krejci ended with a flourish up by the Bs centers head. Andrew Ference jumped on the Montreal defenseman, standing up for his fallen teammate.

Krejci didnt speak after the 2-1 victory over the Canadiens on Thursday night but addressed the media on Friday morning. He said he does not think the Subban hit was dirty or suspension-worthy. The 26-year-old Czech center was perfectly fine, aside from some scratches on his face, and didnt want to talk about the incident beyond absolving Subban of any wrongdoing.

Several viewings of the hit also show that Subban didnt leave his feet before making contact with Krejci, the elbow never made contact with the Bs center, and the head wasnt the principal point of contact. Instead, a showy flourish by Subban at the end of the hit made it seem like hed thrown a forearm shiver at Krejcis head.

Im okay and I dont want to talk about Subban because I thought it was a clean hit. I want to talk about other things. Some hits happen during the game and this one was maybe a big one. But those happen, said Krejci. When one of us goes down the rest of us come in there and help. Andy did that for me and I thanked him for that. We all like each other here. If we didnt then we wouldnt do that kind of thing. You can see it on the ice.

Subban may get a call from the league and a warning from NHL Vice President of Player Safety Brendan Shanahan saying hes now on the leagues radar for supplemental discipline, but no hearing has been scheduled. Claude Julien said the Subban hit could have gone either way, but didnt want to lobby in the media for supplemental discipline by the league.

It appears that the Bs coach wanted to leave the propaganda to other teams in the league that use that as one of the clubs in their golf bag.

When you look at it its one of those things where its hard to swing it one way or the other, said Julien. Thats one where well have to let the league look at it and how they define it. You could look at it and go either way. Is it that bad of a hit? Is there an elbow involved?

I didnt waste too much time dissecting it because the league is going to get involved either way. We dont lobby. Were just going to move on and take care of business.

One day later it appears that cooler heads have prevailed with the Bruins when it comes to the Subban hit on Krejci. They wont be spending any more time dwelling on an incident with the last place team in their division.

Amid signs his job might be in trouble, Julien says: 'I'm not quitting on this team'

Amid signs his job might be in trouble, Julien says: 'I'm not quitting on this team'

BRIGHTON, Mass – Roughly 12 hours after embattled Bruins coach Claude Julien bristled at a question about his job security and labeled it “shock journalism” in the heat of the moment after a tight loss to the Blackhawks, the B’s bench boss delivered a classy, heartfelt response to the same question.

Julien was asked about it in French by a reporter from the Montreal Gazette, but answered in English because of the “loyalty he feels to the people in Boston.”

In essence, Julien basically said he should be relieved of his duties if he’s deemed to be behind what ails the Black and Gold, but he’s going to keep working to fix things until that day comes.

It was exactly the kind of response you would expect from a coach who's taken the B’s to the mountaintop in his 10 years running the team and will always be respected and loved in Boston long after his coaching days are done.

“How do I deal with all of the rumors and all that is going on? I didn’t feel like [Friday night] was the appropriate time for me to answer that after a game where you’re emotions are pretty high. I wasn’t getting into that, but to be honest with you my job is to coach the hockey club,” said Julien. “Am I worried about my job? No, I’m not. Because it’s not my job to worry about it. My job is to fix things, and my job is to coach this team and do everything I can. If I become one of the reasons that we’re not doing well, then management has to make that decision.

“It’s not my decision to make. I’m not quitting on this team. I’m not quitting on anybody. I’m not quitting on management. I’m ready and willing to go through the hard times, and I said that at the end of last year. If it’s deemed my fault, then I shouldn’t be here, and that’s all I can say.”

While the Bruins roster is clearly less than perfect and has a larger dose of youthful players than in years past, Julien also freely admitted that they should be held to a higher standard after proving many nights that they should be a playoff team. That’s the mandate from Bruins ownership and that’s the challenge that Julien has willingly accepted.

It’s also the challenge that’s falling a bit short now as they’ve lost three crushing games in a row and have fallen behind the Ottawa Senators in the playoff standings, with Toronto also right behind them holding six games in hand.

“If we’re going with what we said we were going with and there’s going to be some growing pains along the way, so be it,” said Julien. “I think we put ourselves in a position earlier in the year where we could all of a sudden believe that we’re a playoff team...absolutely. I still think we’re a playoff team. Whether we can do it or not we’ll find out at the end of the year, but my job is to do everything I can to get us into the playoffs and that’s what I’m going to do.

“As far as the rumors are concerned, they’re out there and I know that. But I don’t worry about it because worrying is wasting a lot of my time. And my time is spent trying to fix things here.”

Julien and the Bruins are headed to Pittsburgh for a Sunday matinee against the Pittsburgh Penguins, and will have two games against the red-hot Pens headed into an All-Star break weekend that must feel like a well-earned oasis for Julien at this point in the season. 

Sox hope to bring David Ortiz back to Boston for new role

Sox hope to bring David Ortiz back to Boston for new role

MASHANTUCKET, Conn. -- David Oritz’s time in Boston as a player is over. He continues to say there’s no Brett Favre-type comeback, no matter how many people ask him.

However, that doesn’t mean his time with the Red Sox is over.

Sam Kennedy, Tom Werner and Dave Dombrowski are heading down to the Dominican Republic to tour the team’s academy on the island to see what changes, if any, need to be made.

Ortiz will join them on those tours.

“He’s just a good guy to go to the Dominican with,” Kennedy said. “We thought it’d be great to catch up. Haven’t seen him since before the holidays.”

But the front office members intend to exchange more than just pleasantries and stories from the holiday season. One goal on the trip is to bring Ortiz back to the organization as an employee.

“Yeah that’s something on the agenda,” Kennedy said. “We’re gonna talk about what he may or may not want to do. He did say after the season let’s just talk in January. He was so overwhelmed and tired so it’s a good time to start those conversations.

“I know he has a lot of plans, broadcasting, a lot of businesses he’s involved with and we’ll see what he’s up to. But we hope to cement something so he’s a part of the organization.”

What role that is yet to be determined. Assuming he doesn’t pursue a broadcasting career.

“I truly don’t know what’s on his mind,” Kennedy said. “He’ll obviously be good at whatever he decides to do, but I would hope that we could create a role where he has influence in the baseball operations side, he has influence in marketing, as an ambassador. A lot of our alums we’ve found really enjoy working with young players. Pedro [Martinez] is a perfect example of that.

“So we’ll see what he’s interested in doing, but I have heard him talk about broadcasting in the past and I think he’d be great at it if he decides to do it.”