Kelly in the lineup after emergency dental work

Kelly in the lineup after emergency dental work
February 19, 2012, 9:03 pm
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ST. PAUL, MN By the virtue of the fact that four of Chris Kellys front-and-center teeth are already false Chiclets, undergoing emergency dental work isnt anything he hasn't endured before.

But it was still a tough Saturday afternoon in Minnesota for the Bs third line center, who spent a few hours getting his teeth repaired after a practice accident.

Kelly said his two front teeth disintegrated in his mouth after he tumbled face-first into the boards during Saturdays practice. The local dentist called upon to work on Kelly used his 12-year-old son as an assistant while Kelly had several teeth bonded.

He was a nice guy who was nice enough to do it on a Saturday," Kelly said of the dentist. "He actually couldnt get hold of any of his assistants, so he had his 12-year-old son to start and he had a hockey game in a couple of hours. Nice people here in Minnesota. The two that I lost, they just ended up bonding them together.

Its never easy losing your teeth. They just basically disintegrated in my mouth and I was spitting them out all over the ice. I think I got hit by a couple of pucks that day too, so I guess its just the way the day was going."

Kelly is suited up and ready to play for the Bruins against the Wild this afternoon at the Xcel Energy Center.