Julien's expectation for Game 7: 'I expect us to win'

Julien's expectation for Game 7: 'I expect us to win'
May 12, 2014, 11:00 pm
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Claude Julien sounded confident as he closed his press conference following the Bruins' Game 6 loss to the Canadiens.

Asked what he expected in the seventh game of the second-round matchup between two rivals, Julien's answer was short and to the point: "I expect us to win," he said.

Boston's bench boss mentioned that he didn't appreciate the way Boston gave Montreal its four goals in their shutout win. But he was also clearly perturbed about how the end of the game broke down.

There were a series of scraps between both teams while only a few seconds remained in the third period. Julien was under the impression that his team was goaded.

"Although we're perceived as the bad guys and they're the good guys, when [Andrei] Markov trips [Zdeno] Chara and then he puts his stick between his legs and nothing's gonna be called, eventually somebody's gonna react," Julien said. "Whether it's right or wrong, Zdeno reacted. Then everything else started.

"There was a slew foot before [David] Desharnais on [Brad] Marchand. It's a slew foot. Those are the things we're talking about that are dangerous in our game. It's a rivalry. There's some things going on both sides. I'm not portraying ourselves as innocent here. I'm just saying it takes two teams to tangle and that's what happened."

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