Julien expects more production from Seguin

Julien expects more production from Seguin
May 17, 2013, 8:30 pm
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Spirits were pretty high in Boston Thursday night after the Bruins took Game 1 against the Rangers on a Brad Marchand overtime goal.

But beyond the celebration and revelry, there was a sobering fact: Tyler Seguin once again failed to show up. Worse, he hurt the Bruins on more than one occasion.

"There is zero question he hurt [the Bruins] in that Game 1," said Joe Haggerty. "It's a good thing they came back and got it to overtime or Tyler Seguin would have been the goat in that game for being too soft."

Seguin's coach is quick to point out Seguin's lack of production is not for lack of effort.

"I don't think right now it's a matter of him not playing hard," said Claude Julien. "It's more of a matter that I think... we expect that he should be a little bit more productive, be able to make a few more plays and be a bit more of a threat. If he finds his game we know how much of a threat he can be."

Haggerty says the Bruins aren't likely to scratch Seguin or bump him to a different line because he's still getting a lot of shots on net and still creating plays with his speed. But the patience has to be wearing thin on the Bruins bench and it's hard to see the Bruins maintaining success without any contributions from their young star.