Haggerty: I don't believe Cooke has changed

Haggerty: I don't believe Cooke has changed
May 31, 2013, 10:30 pm
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Penguins forward Matt Cooke is well known among Bruins fans for his infamous elbow to the head of Marc Savard back in March 2010, effectively ending the center's career.

The incident was just one of many for Cooke, who has built a reputation throughout the league as a dirty player. And it's likely he won't be well-received when the Penguins take on the Bruins in the Eastern Conference Finals, especially in his return to Boston for Wednesday's Game 3.

The Penguins believe is a changed man, however, and Cooke says his primary focus is on this upcoming series against the B's, and claims to have moved on from those incidents. But Bruins Insider Joe Haggerty isn't buying it as he recalled other incidents this season alone as examples of just the type of player Cooke is. 

“I'm not buying that load of garbage, I'm really not," Haggerty said. "A lot of the players and the media around Matt Cooke have insulated him from this stuff and let him do his thing because it's effective for the Pittsburgh Penguins.”

Check out the video above to see what else Haggerty, as well as players from both sides, had to say about Cooke and his role in the upcoming series.