Habs: Accusations of 'jealous' Bruins are 'ridiculous'

Habs: Accusations of 'jealous' Bruins are 'ridiculous'
March 5, 2013, 8:30 am
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As the Bruins doubled down on their embellishment accusations against Montreal on Monday, the Canadiens stepped up to defend themselves.

"To me, those comments that [Bruins coach Claude Julien] made were ridiculous and I think he was very frustrated to have lost that game,” said Montreal coach Michel Therrien. “Claude can concentrate on his team and I’ll concentrate on my own . . . Our goal is to play a style of game that we feel will best bring us success. That’s what’s really important for me. We need to be able to show up for every game and for us that means playing an aggressive style of hockey and controlling the match. The players have been paying a lot of attention to the details and they deserve a lot of credit.”

Max Pacioretty feels he knows what was behind Julien's comments:

“Jealousy. We’re at the top right now and reading comments like that is awesome. If we’re in last place, they wouldn’t be saying anything about us, but we’re in first place and it’s the best feeling in the world.”