Game 4 Galore


Game 4 Galore

Game 4 was good to the Bruins last season, as they went 3-1 in four Game 4s on the road to their unlikely title. I have no clue how this statistic will help them tonight, but I know that they're better for the experience.

It's just another example of probably the biggest advantage the Bruins have this season. That, thanks to 2011, there's nothing they'll face in these playoffs that they haven't already experienced together. You name the situation, and they can look it up in their mental Rolodex and prepare themselves accordingly.

It's like: "OK, let's see here Up 2-1, and on the road? Boom! The Eastern Conference Finals against Tampa!" Then they can take themselves back there, remember how it felt, and know exactly what to expect from the desperate Capitals.

So, how did the Bruins do last year in Tampa? They took the ice and exploded for three first period goals. They took the Lightning by storm (pun not intended, I swear) and had the series firmly in their hands.

Then they rolled over, surrendered five straight goals and barely eked out the series in seven.

If the Bruins get up early tonight, you can bet that game will be brought up.

And you better believe that the Capitals will pay.

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