Felger: 'Something really wrong' with Canadiens' fans

Felger: 'Something really wrong' with Canadiens' fans
April 23, 2014, 4:30 pm
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If the Bruins get past the Red Wings and into the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, they'll get to renew their rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens. And Michael Felger isn't looking forward to it.

Not because of whatever on-ice problems the Habs will pose for the B's. But because of what he sees as the diving that's done by the Canadiens players, and the cries for referees' calls from the Montreal fans and media.

"Well, get ready for this crap," Felger said Wednesday on the 'Felger & Mazz' show on 98.5 The Sports Hub (WBZ-FM Radio), later adding: "[It's] gotten as bad as ever up there. It's one thing the 'Montreal diving', right? That's one part of it. But, it feels like the whole fan and media experience up there is all about waiting for the call . . . 

"I think there's something really wrong with those people up there. Like, there's something in that culture . . . That's your hockey-viewing experience? Crying about officials and crying about penalties? Like, that's all they do! Watch it! Watch a game at the Bell Centre! It is one constant cry to the [officials] for a call. And more often than not, they get 'em . . . 

"So, you know, if the Bruins get by Detroit, [they'll play] Montreal. So, 9-1-1 operators, be at the ready up in Montreal . . .

"Get ready for that. Get ready for that crap."