Felger: It feels like the Bruins are mailing it in

Felger: It feels like the Bruins are mailing it in
April 1, 2013, 1:00 am
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The Bruins beat the Sabres on Sunday, but they won't get any awards for it. It was a relatively sloppy game against a team that has essentially checked out.

But speaking of "checked out", Mike Felger seems to think the Bruins may be dealing with a form of that, for the opposite reason. He uses the term "mailing it in" when describing the B's, and asks the Boston Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont his thoughts.

"I don't know about mailing it in, but it is bad, it is listless, and you watch the whole game and it's all sort of three-and-a-half feet from the boards. And it's this sort of methodical, robotic, systematic game, and to me, it's almost like they've been told 'stick to the template', so they go to the template and they don't go anywhere emotionally."

Felger doesn't want to blame the system. He thinks that the Bruins might be laying off a bit because they've already essentially clinched a playoff spot.

"They're in the playoffs. They've got their playoff position. I don't know if they win the division or not, but they're in … so they say, let's take the foot off the gas here for a little bit, we'll ramp it back up in April, the playoffs don't start until April 30th, and we'll just flip the switch because we can do that now."

Check out the video to see how KPD responds to what Felger thinks.