Dupont: Tough choice on what to do with Spooner

Dupont: Tough choice on what to do with Spooner
January 6, 2014, 7:30 am
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Ryan Spooner has been fun to watch in his time with the Bruins.

But his time may come to an end when Chris Kelly returns from his ankle injury. Mike Felger isn't exactly a huge Chris Kelly fan, and would like to see Spooner stick around.

But the Boston Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont says Kelly will most likely be back and Spooner sent back to Providence.

"That's a very tough call . . . the call is the dough. The call is that they've got money invested [in Kelly]. Now I thought - we discussed this in the offseason - I thought maybe they'd try to move Kelly with [Brad] Marchand because of the money issue and try to bring up some of these kids. But I think given how they operate here and how Claude likes his veterans and the money factor, I think you'll see [Spooner] go back [to Providence]."

Shifting to the defensive side of things, the season-ending injury to Dennis Seidenberg is a killer. Dupont says the B's will have to make some kind of move to fill the void, but you can't just replace a guy like Seidenberg.

"They do [need to make a move], but easier said than done," Dupont said. "You're not going to make a trade and bring in a guy of his size, stature, strength, durability, everything that Seidenberg is which is why they signed him up. What you're seeing here in part is the cost of losing Andrew Ference. Not that I was high on Ference, I was perfectly fine with them moving on from him. But if he were still around, this wouldn't be as tough a bullet to bite."