Dupont: Seguin believes he is great

Dupont: Seguin believes he is great
July 9, 2013, 11:30 pm
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Kevin Paul Dupont joined Gary Tanguay and Mike Felger on Sports Tonight to discuss the Tyler Seguin trade.

A lot of dirty laundry is being aired regarding Seguin and his attitude and actions off the ice, and it's clear that the B's decided the juice wasn't worth the squeeze - especially after the no-show Seguin put in during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The biggest question regarding him is if he'll ever "get it" and care about being a great player. But that's where Dupont come in.

"I think he believes he is great," Dupont said. "We have entered the era of the privileged kid. I was covering baseball as a beat in the late 70's, it had already happened there."

So it took a while for hockey to catch up, but sure enough players like Seguin are proving they are just as spoiled now.

But will the Bruins regret the trade?

"There's no regretting it in the immediate," Dupont said. "If this is a kid who actually does sit down and say, 'You know something? I'm really leaking it out the window here. I should do something about this', he could be a special, special player. There's no question about that. But that's a big leap right now. He's not a center in the league right now."

Dupont also defends his Tweet saying that he wouldn't be surprised if the Bruins traded Chris Kelly and Brad Marchand. Check out the video to see his take, and if Felger and Tanguay agree.