Dupont: Bruins don't have a bonafide No. 1 center

Dupont: Bruins don't have a bonafide No. 1 center
October 24, 2011, 1:58 pm
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As long as Claude Julien, Zdeno Chara and Tim Thomas are in the mix, the Bruins can be counted on to keep pucks out of their net.

What about the other end, though? Who's going to score for the B's? Can't win games, 0-0, right?

That question seems to be hounding the Bruins yet again this season as they've scored 19 goals through eight games. The Boston Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont believes that part of the problem might be that Julien doesn't really have a No. 1 center to turn to in the middle of an offensive dry spell.

"They don't have a bonafide, big horse, No. 1 center," Dupont said. "It comes down to David Krejci and Tyler Seguin trying to do that job."

Seguin is the teams leading scorer through the beginning of the season, but Dupont still isn't convinced he's the stud center the Bruins could use.

"The question with Seguin is, does he have the courage, the moxy, the stamina," Dupont said. "What we're seeing is he's gaining some confidence, he is showing a little more moxy in terms of a guy that will go to the net. He isn't a big kid, he has to add some weight, add some muscle. Maybe he ends up being that bonafide No. 1 center. What I'd like to see of course is a guy 6-foot-3, 6-44, 210 pounds, 220. There aren't a lot of guys in the league like that though."