'Dropping the Gloves' with Shawn Thornton

'Dropping the Gloves' with Shawn Thornton
October 15, 2013, 12:45 am
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Shawn Thornton joined Mike Felger and Bob Neumeier on Sports Tonight and the three of them played a game called "Dropping the Gloves" where the guys would rattle off a handful of questions for Thornton to answer.

In light of Rob Gronkowski's mom standing up for him, Thornton is asked if his mom has ever stood up for Thornton.

Thornton didn't have a specific example, but is sure his mom had in the past.

Next question . . . What is worse fan behavior, cheering an injured player or interfering with the game?

Thornton says booing an injured guy is worse.

And speaking of injured guys . . . Torii Hunter avoided serious injury Sunday night after falling over the Fenway Park wall. But the Fenway Park cop standing nearby didn't come to the defense of Hunter.

Should he have?

"No. I think it was perfect, I think it was awesome," Thornton said, He got up, he was fine. He was bleeding a little. i think the cop was pretty ecstatic at what was going on. I'm with him.