'Dropping the Gloves' with Shawn Thornton

'Dropping the Gloves' with Shawn Thornton
October 9, 2013, 12:00 am
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Shawn Thornton joined Mike Felger on Sports Tonight where the two "dropped the gloves" (but not really, because let's be honest, Felger wouldn't stand a chance).

Felger sent a few questions at Thornton in a rapid fire way, and Thornton was ready to answer them all:

Who would be Thornton's first overall pick if he played fantasy hockey? (And no, he can't pick Bruins teammates).

What is the silliest injury he's ever seen in the hockey world?

What is the most unusual pregame ritual or superstition he's come across?

Who is the one celebrity he's met in his life that has made him nervous?