Does Ortiz have leverage on Sox for contract extension?

Does Ortiz have leverage on Sox for contract extension?
February 4, 2014, 10:00 pm
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David Ortiz is looking for that contract extension and also looking to shut up the "haters".

David Ortiz took to social media Tuesday to tweet out a picture of himself working out. He looks like he's in pretty good shape, and he says it's a message to the "media haters" who doubt he can repeat his stellar 2013 season.

Ortiz apparently feels that anyone who thinks he doesn't deserve a contract extension -- which he's seeking from the Red Sox -- is a "hater." So, under that criteria, the Boston Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont is a "hater."

"Well, he doesn't [deserve an extension] for a number of reasons," Dupont said Tuesday night on Arbella Early Edition. "[The main reason is], he's under contract. (Ortiz is about to enter the second season of a two-year, $26 million deal he signed prior to '13.) The [average] pay [of a DH is] about a third of what he's getting. The standard DH now is around $4-, $6-, $7 million. He's up around $15 [million]. There's no reason they have to do it.

"In his retirement he's going to right to Harvard Business School and teach how to stick 'em up. Because that's what he does."

But Dupont's Globe colleague, Chris Gasper, apparently isn't a "hater." 

"What irritates me is that people get upset that he's trying to do this," Gasper said. "Why is there something bad about that? He has leverage now. When he was struggling in 2010 and they were thinking about releasing him, do you think [the Red Sox] went back [to Ortiz] and said, 'Well David, you helped us win two World Series here, [so even though you're not playing well] we're going to cut you a deal'? No. He's seen the other side of it.

"Now he has some leverage, he's coming off a great season. One of only three guys to have 30 homers, 100 RBIs and bat over .300. He was a World Series MVP. There's no harm in trying to get that extra year of the contract. They don't have to give it to him, but people are vilifying the guy merely for talking about his contract and doing what every business does and every team in professional sports does, which is leverage a guy when you have the opportunity."

How about you? Are you a "hater", too, or are you okay with Ortiz trying to get that extension?