Did Game 3 solidify Rask as big time goalie?

Did Game 3 solidify Rask as big time goalie?
May 8, 2013, 1:15 am
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It was a packed house on Sports Tonight Tuesday as Gary Tanguay, Mike Felger, Chris Gasper, and Mark Bertrand went deep into discussion about the Bruins postseason.

The Bruins are up 2-1 in the series with Game 3 Wednesday night. Some people feel the B's can close it out with two wins in a row, but what if they don't? What if it goes seven games? Would that be a disappointment?

"I wouldn't be disappointed as long as they win the series," Gasper said. "I was disappointed last year when they lost to the Capitals because they couldn't score any goals, and they got beat at their own game, which was all these one-goal games. But this has been a different series. They put goals on the board I think that you look at Toronto, they're a little bit of a more wide open team even though they have a great PK, so no, if it goes seven and the Bruins win that's fine by me."

Tanguay doesn't think it should go seven games, and would like to see Boston finish the kill.

"It shouldn't go seven , but if it goes five that tells us a little bit about this teams," Tanguay said. "I'm still not sure about this club. Two out of three they performed well … If they do it in five, it tells us something about this team."

Count Bertrand as one who expects the B's to wrap things up rather quickly.

"They should do it in five. This series has no business going six or seven. You saw last night when the Bruins play their game they're a much better team than Toronto."

Felger notes that the B's have had trouble dealing with success and closing things out, and winning in five games would prove otherwise.

They'll need Tuukka Rask if they want to do it. Rask had a great showing in Game 3, but was it enough to silence the doubters and prove that he's one of the best?

Gasper wonders if the expectations are going to be too high for him and unrealistic.

"Is the only way they can win the Cup the way they won in 2011? Because if that's the standard of goaltending that you need, I just don't think that's conducive to winning the Cup. I think that it's too much to ask of Tuukka Rask, or really any goalie," Gasper said.

Bertrand knows that a win last night - or even a opening round series win - isn't enough to prove anything.

"The questions never go away until you actually win something," Bertrand said. "Until you actually maybe get to the Cup finals or win the Cup finals. If he wins a round, we're going to say, 'Well, can he win two rounds?' If he wins two rounds, well can he win three runs? Can he win a Cup Finals series? The questions will be there until you actually win a conference or win it all."