Did Bruins make right decision moving Seguin?

Did Bruins make right decision moving Seguin?
November 6, 2013, 12:45 am
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Tyler Seguin returned to Boston in style tonight, scoring a goal in the shootout, and helping the Stars win, 3-2.

Is there a place for a guy like Seguin - someone who's a bit soft but scores - on the Bruins' team?

Mike Felger and Gary Tanguay discuss.

"I think it's a legit question," Felger said. "Now it may not apply to Tyler Seguin, because there was such a raft of off-ice issues that they might have had to get rid of him anyways. And also let's face it last year in the playoffs, Tyler Seguin sucked. He was horrible in the postseason. This might be a better question for Phil Kessel, who did not the off-ice problems that Seguin does, and Kessel produced here."

So while Felger wouldn't want Seguin on the team, he'd take a guy like him - but just one.

"Let's just be clear," he said. "I don't want a team of those guys. I don't want a line of those guys. I want one of those guys. The question is can you handle one.

Tangauy says the answer is yes if the guy delivers and does what he does every night.

What do you think: Can a guy like Seguin survive on this B's team? And did they make mistake trading him away? Let us know in the comments section.